Lt. Governor Nungesser to sign Québec-Louisiana agreement preserving French culture

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Gonzales Weekly Citizen

The Lt. Governor will travel to Québec City with members from the Council on Development of French in Louisiana (CODOFIL) and the Louisiana Office of Tourism to reaffirm agreements and partnerships with Québec to promote the Francophonie culture throughout the Americas while promoting Louisiana culture and heritage.

Accompanied by a delegation from Louisiana, Lt. Governor Nungesser will participate in various meetings and workshops to promote French culture and language by merging those entities into the tourism and business world. Lt. Governor Nungesser expressed his confidence in the strong relationship with Québec and other Francophiles, “Louisiana has a unique culture and heritage; however, our ancestors originated from areas like French-speaking Canada, so our connection is strong. We must continue to foster that relationship in order to continue promoting French culture throughout the world.”

Along with Christine St-Pierre, the Minister of International Relations and La Francophonie, the Lt. Governor will sign a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement. This agreement will strengthen the cooperation between Louisiana and Québec in the areas of education, Francophonie, culture and youth. Since the establishment of the Québec-Louisiana Cooperative Program in 2015, it has expanded from culture to heritage in 2016. In addition, the agreement highlights the commitment in education since 1968 with the establishment of CODOFIL and the creation of the Francophone and Francophile Cities Network. Both entities help sustain French in the Americas.

The Québec-Louisiana agreement reaffirms the connections and commitment to fostering French in North America,” said Charles Larroque, Executive Director of CODOFIL. “Through French Immersion in Louisiana schools, we can ensure that students are staying connected with French culture and language that they can take with them from school to work as the French language and bilingualism now become important assets for Louisiana in a globalized world.”

With French being an ever-growing language in the business world and with travelers, the Lt. Governor will participate in a panel that will discuss Louisiana’s commitment to ensuring French is used to help tourists as well as helping French Immersion students go from school-to-work by using their French-speaking skills in the business world.

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