Orchid jewels can be enjoyed at annual Orchid Show and Sale

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If you’re captivated by orchids - exotic beauties that have been around since the days of the dinosaurs - don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy their sights and fragrances on Saturday and Sunday, July 8 - 9, at the Baton Rouge Orchid Society’s 31st annual Orchid Show and Sale.

Doors open on Saturday the 8th at 9 a.m. at the Burden Center, 4560 Essen Lane. Hours are 9 to 5 on Saturday and 10 to 4 on Sunday. Admission is free, and the Show is open to the public.

With the theme of “Orchid Jewels” the show will feature exhibits and displays of these exotic blooms by orchid societies from around Louisiana and the Gulf Coast Region. Additionally, vendors will be on hand to sell plants ranging from seedlings to blooming size and give advice about their culture.

Orchid shows are different from other flower shows where there are flowers in a vase or a pot on a table. At orchid shows the flowers are made into breathtaking tropical displays and exhibits to resemble their natural habits or to showcase a theme, which both hobby and commercial exhibitors use their imaginations to carry out in their displays.

There will be a competition both for flowers and displays judged by certified judges from the American Orchid Society. Visitors to the Show will see which plants and displays win ribbons and awards and may decide to try a new plant or two by seeing the best of the best. The orchid family is the largest family of flowering plants on earth, with 35,000 species and at least 200,000 hybrids in 880 genera. There’s something for everyone - big ones, little ones, short ones, tall ones, sweet smelling ones, stinky ones, beautiful ones, and weird ones. Show visitors are usually astounded at the different sizes, shapes, and colors in the orchid family.

Potting demonstrations and assistance will be held throughout the Show. Visitors who have a plant to repot are invited to bring it, and experienced members of the Orchid Society will demonstrate how to repot the plant. Repotting supplies will be provided by the Society.

A special feature of the Show will be a “Kiddie Korner” where the youngsters can be introduced to the beauty and joy of growing orchids.

The Show closes on Sunday afternoon with a raffle for several beautiful blooming orchid plants.

Throughout the Show, members of the Baton Rouge Orchid Society will be on hand to greet guests, provide guidance in purchasing plants, and answer questions about orchid culture. Look for members wearing Society shirts and “Ask Me About Orchids” buttons.

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