Ascension leaders respond to Scalise shooting

Greg Fischer Editor-in-chief

Parish President Kenny Matassa, Gonzales Mayor Barney Arceneaux, Sorrento Mayor Mike Lambert and Donaldsonville Mayor Leroy Sullivan shared their reaction to the assassination attempt on Congressman Steve Scalise (R-Jefferson).


"I was horrified to learn about the shooting of Congressman Scalise. During my two recent visits to Washington, he made time to visit with me and our delegation from Ascension Parish. I valued those meetings as I know the job of Majority Whip is a demanding one.

"On behalf of the Parish Council and the people of Ascension Parish, I pray for his speedy recovery and God's grace during this time. In honor of Congressman Scalise, I hope we can restore civility to our politics and learn the value of working together."


"It's so sad to see things happening like this in our country today. When a government official is trying to do something like they were doing, a charity event! A lot of people talk about republicans versus democrats, but I think we're seeing right now everybody coming together with such a tragedy happening like this.

"It's just a shame that we've got things like this happening across the country. God almighty! We're seeing people armed in churches, schools, governmental agencies and even a baseball field now. It just makes no sense at all!"

Worth noting here, Mayor Arceneaux is also the President of the Louisiana Municipal Association (LMA), which is the association of all Louisiana local governments. In the LMA meeting following the shooting, Arceneaux said all the mayors bowed their heads and prayed for Scalise and the other victims.

"It brings people together to say things like let's pray for somebody, and let's not look at you're white or black or republican or democrat. It's us all as Americans that's got to continue to fight this evil that's taking place across the country."


"My thoughts and my prayers go out to the Scalise family and to Congressman Scalise. I wish him a speedy recovery. I think this is a sad reflection on our society, that people don't have the capability or choose to work with elected officials even when they disagree with their position. This type of act of violence is uncalled for."

When asked if this causes other politicians to have a heightened sense of awareness, Lambert responded: "It should because we don't really know what a person is thinking. It just reflects poorly on society that people feel that they have to revert to violence if they disagree with somebody. It's not just with political divisions but also in society as a whole with all the shootings that we have going on."


"I think that it's bad when you can't even go out without worrying about your life being in jeopardy. It's sort of like going to the movies or anywhere now and have everybody on a high alert. It seems like it's not safe to go anywhere, even with your family! It's just sad that something like that happened. My prayers go out for a speedy recovery for him and to all those involved in the shooting."

When asked if this would affect gun control policy, Sullivan responded: "I don't think that it's going to affect the gun control policy. Criminals are always going to be in a position to get guns, illegally or some kind of way. Any type of gun control laws are only going to hurt the law-abiding citizens. If anyone really wants a gun, they'll go to whatever length it is in order to get one."