Treasurer candidate John Schroder visits Ascension

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen
Schroder addresses a group of supporters at Kamal's Kafe in Gonzales on June 9.

State Representative John Schroder R-Covington has a longstanding tie to Ascension Parish. Now running for State Treasurer, Schroder visited Gonzales on Friday, June 9 for a meet an greet.

In the early 90s he worked for the Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office. His in-laws are Ourso's from Donaldsonville. Schroder even said he misses Ascension.

"We've got a lot of friends still here," Schroder said. "We need the support of Ascension . . . This used to be home. I worked for the sheriff's department here a long time ago. Sheriff Wiley was the chief deputy back then . . . my wife taught here."

Although he couldn't quite remember the year of his time with the Ascension Police, he guesses it was 1992. Schroder stands tall. He is apt to speak about running for treasurer and friendly. The meet and greet was held at Kamal's Kafe.

It was held in a private room, but many were in attendance: Representatives Clay Schexnayder and Tony Bacala, Mayor Barney Arceneaux, Sheriff Wiley and Assessor Mert Smiley to name a few. Schroder decided to participate in the Special Session of the State Legislature, although he has chosen to resign afterwards to dedicate all of his time to the Treasurer campaign.

The vote, by the way, comes in October. It is to fill the seat once held by now U.S. Senator John Kennedy.

"I've been here 10 years," Schroder said. "I want to be able to run full-time. It's hard to serve two masters. I don't want anyone to question my commitment or that I have a fall back, so I decided to run full time.

According to Schroder about four others from across the state are in the race. So what sets him apart?

"I was in appropriations for a long time. I was in the legislature for ten years, and the budget and the finances have been the thing that I've focused in on," Schroder said. "I've been in business for a long time. Somebody needs to pick up where John Kennedy left off.

"He's turned it into sort of a watchdog position, and I think I'd be a good watchdog. Some of the problems we face in this state are basic problems, and we can fix. We just need the fortitude to do it . . . I've been very consistent for where I stand with financial issues facing the state. I was opposed to a lot of the gimmicks we did under the previous administration, and although now the gimmicks are less, now the problem is size of government and can we afford it?

"I believe the majority of people in Louisiana don't want to raise taxes. You can only do two things. You either raise revenue or lower your cost. I think the administration is trying to force us in the corner to raise revenue or raise taxes and I think the majority of people in Louisiana are opposed, which means you have to lower your overhead."