Donaldsonville earns Safest City in the United States, Safest in Louisiana

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Gonzales Weekly Citizen

Recently three communities in Ascension Parish ranked among the “Top 100 Safest Cities in the United States” from Louisiana including Donaldsonville, Prairieville, and Gonzales.

Donaldsonville earned the badge as the “Safest City in the United States” by being named the Safest City in Louisiana.

A number of important factors play a role in deciding which neighborhood is the best to settle down in,”...but among the most important parameters when making the decision is the safety of the town,” recorded Mike Brown of LendU.

LendEDU’s newest report recognizes the safest towns and cities in each state in the U.S. “Using licensed data, we gathered the total crime risk score for every single town in the country. This score represents the combined risk of rape, murder, assault, robbery, burglary, larceny, and vehicle theft compared to the national average of 100,” stated Brown. “If a city posted a total crime risk score of 200, it meant that place had twice the risk of crime compared to the national average. Likewise, a city that recorded a score of 50 had half the risk of crime compared to the national average. A lower crime risk score meant a safer community,” he noted.

Data ranked the safest towns in each state according to their difference from the national average crime risk score of 100. For example, if an incredibly safe community had a -98 difference from the national average, it meant that place had a crime risk score of two. Cities that made the top of their state’s list had the highest negative difference from the national average; a higher negative difference meant a lower crime risk score, which meant a safer town according to Brown’s report (2017).

Gonzales ranked 71 out of 100; measuring -43% from the national average, Prairieville ranked 3 out of 100 measuring; -93% from the national average, and Donaldsonville ranked 1 out of 100; measuring -97% from the national average and earning the title as the “Safest City in Louisiana.” The data was under license and released from Onboard Informatics.

Using the licensed data, each city’s crime index was rated against the state and national average crime index, and Donaldsonville earned a crime index that makes it the #1 safest city inLouisiana,” said Thomas Flynn of LendU. “Everyone wants to know that they live in a safe place! It provides a sense of comfort and security. Donaldsonville is one of the safest towns in the entire state of Louisiana!” he exclaimed.

The Donaldsonville Community and Economic Development Department has been diligently working on the city’s revitalization plan to uncover positive reports such as these. The plan was the result of community town hall meetings, strategic planning with community leaders and community organizations, dialogues with parish, state and federal stakeholders, and research such as this report published in early May. The committee continues to uncover positive reports such as this and is working collaboratively to set and reach goals within its development areas, including education, law enforcement, emergency response, housing, recreation, healthcare, social / mental wellness, workforce development, and economic development through business recruitment and retention.

Feedback sessions take place quarterly and community dialogues have already been conducted for education with its next dialogues concerning crime and law enforcement followed by faith-based initiatives and healthcare. Committee meetings are open to the public and occur quarterly. For more information or to join a work committee, contact Lee Melancon at 225.445.1383 or Mayor Leroy J. Sullivan, Sr. at 225.473.4247 ext. 10.

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