Former LSU coach speaks at health luncheon

Brandie Richardson
Former LSU Basketball Coach and motivational speaker Dale Brown

Dozens of local dignitaries and business leaders gathered at the Clarion Inn on May 25 for St. Elizabeth Hospital’s annual Health Luncheon. This year’s guest speaker was former LSU Basketball Coach and motivational speaker Dale Brown, who spoke about achieving success and happiness. 

The former coach said the reason why many do not find success is because the true definition has been skewed over time. For example, the first dictionary in 1806 defined success as fortunate, happy, kind and prosperous, in today’s dictionary it is defined as attainment of wealth, fame, rank and power, according to Brown.

Is there a secret or some magical prayers or a wand to wave? No there isn’t, it is inside of us,” he said.

Brown shared personal stories of athletes such as Shaquele O’Neil and Pete Maravich, each tying into the four hurdles that everyone faces on the way to achieving success and happiness. The hurdles are believing you can, accepting your failures, not letting anyone else interfere with your life and knowing yourself, which is the biggest hurdle.

If you’re worried about your reputation, that is what other people perceive us as. It’s your carrier; you’ve got to know yourself. The most important thing in our journey is asking yourself when you get what you want and the world makes you a king or queen for a day, just go to the mirror and look at yourself and see what that person has to say.”

The annual luncheon is put on by the St. Elizabeth Women’s Advisory Council, which is comprised of over 30 active members who put on various events and fundraisers throughout the year such as the Rubber Duck Derby, which benefited the St. Amant Fire Department last year following the August flood.