Gonzales Council looks forward to Jambalaya Fest

Greg Fischer Editor-in-chief

Although the mayor and council are excited to celebrate the 50th Jambalaya Fest this weekend, they met on Monday, May 22 for a regular meeting to adopt the final budget ordinances and other things.

But first, Burnside Avenue was voted to be rezoned from a commercial C-1 Zone to a C-MS Main Street Zone. That goes from about a block up from Worthey Street over to Tobey Avenue. This has been discussed for several weeks by the council, and it passed with no problem. The council notably voted unanimously for all ordinances passed.

Next, the budget looks like this:

The sales tax is $14.4 million, up from last year. The general fund reaches $15,456,650. The utility fund budget looks like it will generate $651,184 after subtracting $4,060,516 in total expenditures from $4,711,700 in total revenue. The capital outlay budget will also leave the city on top with a $3,088,012.72 ending balance. The wastewater impact fee of $210,000 will go to the capital outlay fund. The total from the Tanger Mall economic development fund is $1,060,000. Lastly, the industrial development board budget is $975,000.

Furthermore, an agreement should be made soon about Small Cell Technology Facilities. A company has devised a way to make cell phone service better without making more large towers. The product will be comprised of "small cells," that will mount to the existing framework to improve service. The city is in negotiations.

Councilman Bourque made a motion to further discuss amending the Code of Ordinance Chapter 22, Zoning section 22-4 "Boundaries and Districts."

Moreover, citizen Joann Robinson reminded the council the dangers of new subdivisions being built above the old ones, causing potential flood threats.

"No matter how much money you have, you can't come in here and destroy our city," she said. Robinson also called to mind that some donkeys recently got out by the school and along Orice Roth Road.

The official journal of Gonzales was renamed the Weekly Citizen. 

Lastly, the engineering report was positive, citing renovations moving along at city hall. Additionally, sludge removal from the sewer is 50 percent complete.