Cassidy Explains Kimmel Test

Greg Fischer Editor-in-chief

Despite demonization of the GOP for repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or "Obamacare" in much of the public and political sphere recently, the truth may be that Republicans envision a better health care system than what was previously set forth by democrats.

U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy, M.D. (R-LA) spoke on the Senate floor May 11 to explain the “Kimmel Test” and expressed the need to have a working health care plan that fulfills President Trump's contract with voters to protect those with pre-existing conditions, bring down premiums, and maintain coverage without mandates.

Sounds like a winner, but talk is cheap.

The problem is simply getting democrats on board with new government legislation. Unfortunately for the public, that was the problem when the GOP decided not to get on board with the ACA. Government officials tend to forget that it is the people who ultimately suffer for inactions or action based on petty quarrels.

We are going to protect those with pre-existing conditions, but we will do it by lowering premiums and not by giving crumby coverage, but rather by having adequate coverage,” said Dr. Cassidy. “If our approach passes the Kimmel test then we feel like it is a way to go.”

Moreover, the #KimmelTest is based on Late Night show host Jimmy Kimmel's recent heartache that called for his newborn baby to have an emergency procedure out of the womb, according to Cassidy. The child was "born blue," which means it was literally blue due to lack of oxygen.

The child needed to be immediately helicoptered to another facility after birth to be treated by an emergency surgery. Cassidy explained that Kimmel is a millionaire, so this does not affect him like it would middle to lower class citizens.

As a result, Cassidy called for Democrats to stop being passive and get engaged in the process:

We don’t need 12 Democrats, we don't need eight Democrats, we can have three Democrats, four Democrats, anyone who cares enough about the people in their state, and their premiums rising 20 to 40 percent per year, that they will put aside all the pressure from a political base and say that ‘the people of my state are more important than the political pressure I may feel’ and they will step forward to influence the final product,” said Dr. Cassidy.

Watch the presentation of the Kimmel Test: