Council stonewalls Anny over Planning and Zoning hire

Greg Fischer Editor-in-chief
Mayor Michael Lambert hears Councilman Randy Anny present other zoning and planning options.

All were present at the Sorrento council meeting on Tuesday evening, April 4. Things rolled along fine until hiring Ricky Compton as planning and zoning consultant came up.

Councilman Randy Anny made a motion to table the hiring of Compton as a zoning consultant until the next meeting. The motion failed due to lack of a second.

Anny, the longest-running Sorrento council member, expressed mild frustration after the meeting. According to Anny, it may have been wiser to explore zoning and planning options such as the Capital Region Planning Commission (CRPC), or the South Central Planning and Development Commission (SCPDC).

"Whenever you have cooperative agreements with the parish, when you can work something out with the parish that's less money for the town," Anny said. "You have more people rather than just one entity trying to do something that these people do everyday since 1973."

However, despite his efforts Mayor Michael Lambert appeared completely unimpressed with the suggestion by Anny. The rest of the council sided with Mayor Lambert.

Council also approved bills for March in the amount of $53,083.66.

The police report was read for January and February. Twelve accidents occurred in January, 0 burglaries, 2 thefts, 15 alarms (1 cancelled), 122 calls for service, 7 loud music complaints, 47 tickets written and 4 adult arrests. February saw 13 accidents, 1 burglary, 3 thefts, 6 alarms (1 cancelled), 1 narcotics, 91 calls for service, 3 loud music complaints, 22 tickets and 4 adult arrests.

The July 4 council meeting was moved up by vote one day to Monday, July 3. Council also unanimously approved the mowing and litter pick up agreement with the state DOTD. 

April was proclaimed Fair Housing Month, a motion that was also carried through the Parish Council on Thursday, April 6. Fair Housing means no one can be denied a place to live based on race, sex, gender, or creed.

A general services agreement between Sorrento and All South Consulting Engineers carried. The issue of security cameras for the Community Center was tabled. The council is still working to get the best quality deal that they can regarding that issue.