Galvez Middle return marks end of all host situations

Greg Fischer Editor-in-chief
Galvez Middle gym floor is still missing, but will soon get renewed after Shutterfly donated $125,000 towards the project.

Galvez Middle returned home on Monday, March 13 after having upwards of two feet of water devastate their campus in the August flood.

The Prairieville middle school has a new outlook on things after being displaced. While students are still making due in temporary modular buildings that were provided by FEMA and some still dealing with their homes being repaired, their attitude is remarkable according to Principal Michelle Bourque. 

Bourque said that she has noticed some students are more interested in helping others in need after experiencing the flood. Prior to returning, Galvez Middle students shared a space with Central Middle School in Gonzales.

"We were probably the most fortunate school that was displaced," Bourque said. "Because our location was close and we were allowed to stay together."

It's true. Galvez Middle students did not have the same headaches as some others did, but there is still some ways to go before they get back to the main campus. No date has been set for completed repairs to the original campus.

Bourque has been at Galvez for 25 years. She was a teacher for 16 of those and an assistant principal for 7-and-a-half. This was her first year as principal.

"In July I started. And in August, the flood came," Bourque said. "But I'm fortunate because I knew my people, and I knew my place."

Oddly enough, the office administration building was the only one not to flood.

"It was like an island," Bourque said. Roughly 200 feet away, the school gymnasium got two feet of water. "[The gym floor] was buckled. It had tadpoles swimming in it."

But a really cool thing happened with that. TV Show Host Ellen Degeneres invited Bourque and PE teacher Betsey Baldwin on the show and surprised them with $125,000 donation from Shutterfly to repair the gym. The wood floor was said to always have been beautiful.

Galvez Middle, like other schools that have returned home since last month is still a work in progress. The gym isn't completed. The fire marshall was making sure a temporary "band tent" was up to code. But spirits are high, and people are moving on.

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