Parish completes substantial damage determinations

Staff Report
Joe Sevario Road during the August 2016 flooding.

Ascension Parish President Kenny Matassa has announced that more than ten thousand properties damaged during the August flood have been evaluated by Parish and FEMA officials. Of that number, 1,553 have been deemed substantially damaged, meaning the cost of repairs are 50 percent or greater than the market value of the structure.

We will begin sending out letters today” to notify property owners of their substantial damage assessment, Matassa said.

Property owners who disagree with this evaluation can file an appeal by providing a contractor’s estimate of the damages, or an insurance estimate of the damages, and/or a current valuation of the home prior to the flood to the Ascension Parish office of Planning and Development.

To remain in compliance with the Ascension Parish’s Flood Prevention Ordinance and to maintain eligibility to acquire flood insurance, the structure must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Repair the existing structure and elevate to meet the requirements of the ordinance as noted below;

  • Relocate the structure to another location;

  • Demolish the structure and rebuild.

  • P. O. Box 1659, 615 E. Worthey Road, Gonzales, Louisiana 70707 Telephone (225) 450-1130 – Fax (225) 450-1145 – or

Any placement of a mobile home or construction of a new home must meet the requirements of the parish ordinance for structures placed in a Flood Zone “A” or “AE”. Current requirements state that the structure must have a minimum lowest floor elevation of one foot (1) above the Base Flood Elevation of the area.

The requirements can be found in the Ascension Parish’s Flood Prevention Program. Ascension Parish Unified Development Code, Section 17-4044 Drainage Requirements (K).

Residents are urged to call the damage assessment hotline at (225) 532-3008 with any questions or to receive more information.