Results: Louisiana Amendments Election

Staff Report

Amendment 1 - New job requirements for local registrars passes with 72 percent. Under the amendment, there will be new requirements for voter registrars in local parishes, who are responsible for overseeing the registration of voters. Voter registrars would have to have one of the following: a bachelor's degree from a college or university plus two years of work experience; an associate degree and four years of work experience; seven years of full-time work experience; or five years of experience at a registrar's office. The work experience must be "professional" in nature, like an office job, to satisfy the requirement. 

Amendment 2 - Giving control over tuition to college boards failed with 57 percent. Under the amendment, the boards that oversee Louisiana public colleges and universities could have raised tuition and fees without having to get the approval of the Louisiana Legislature first.

Amendment 3 - Makes federal income taxes no longer deductible from state corporate income taxes failed with 56 percent. Under the amendment, corporations would have no longer been able to get to deduct their federal income taxes from their state income tax bill. In exchange for giving up that benefit, corporations would pay a flat tax of 6.5 percent -- lower than the 8 percent rate paid by the largest corporations, but higher than the 2, 4 and 6 percent rates smaller corporations can pay.

Amendment 4 - Tax benefits for spouses of slain military, law enforcement passed with 72 percent. Under the amendment, the spouse of an armed services member, police officer or fire fighter who died while on active duty would be exempt from paying most property taxes on their home. The benefit would only kick in for people who had a spouse die in 2017 or later. It would not retroactively apply to people who are widowed now. The spouse would also forfeit the benefit if he or she remarried. 

Amendment 5 - Setting up another state budget trust fund passed with 53 percent. Under the amendment, much of the mineral revenue (taxes from the oil and gas industry) as well as corporate revenue collected above $600 million in a given year would be put into a trust fund and set aside to cover pension and retirement costs.

Amendment 6 - Allowing legislators to tap more protected funds failed with 58 percent. Under the amendment, the Legislature and governor would have been able to tap some funds and pots of money more easily during tough budget times. But other sources of funding would be put farther off limits from "raiding" during a financial shortfall.

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