Election Results: Multi Parish, JOP and Road Lighting

Staff Report
How residents voted for Road Lighting.

Road Lighting District No. 1: Ascension residents voted in favor of the renewal of a levy and ad valorem tax of five mills on all property within Road Lighting District No. 7 for a period of 10 years. The tax is estimated to be $13,148 to be collected from the levy of the tax for the entire year, beginning in 2017. Sixty-four percent voted in favor, while 36 percent voted against it.

Justice of the Peace Second Justice Court: Christie Mayeaux (34 percent) and Stacy A. Smith (28 percent) will be headed for a run-off. Justice of the Peace representatives are elected to serve six-year terms. This elected position can perform marriage ceremonies and has jurisdiction in small civil matters such as misdemeanor cases and traffic citations.

U.S Senator:Republican candidate John Kennedy and Democratic candidate Foster Campbell are headed for a run-off.

U.S. Representative- Second Congressional District: Democratic candidate Cedric Richmond won with a 65 percent vote in the state and 42 percent vote in Ascension.

U.S. Representative- Sixth Congressional District: Republican candidate Garret Graves won the vote with 64 percent in the state and 69 percent in Ascension.

Run-off voting in Louisiana takes place on Dec. 10.