Sorrento to receive sewer expansion proposal

Brandie Richardson @B_lifestyles

During the June 21 Sorrento council meeting, the La. 22 sewer expansion project was discussed. The council voted to have All South Engineers prepare data and present it to the council at a later date concerning the cost of starting the sewer expansion project along La. 22.

All South Engineers will also present a proposal, not exceeding $5,000, to solve Sterling Mackie's sewer issue.

"It needs to be solved, it can't continue like this," said Councilman Donald Schexnaydre. "Its just not right."

The council accepted a recommendation from Mayor Mike Lambert to form an advisory committee. Lamber said the council needs to be formed in order to receive recreation grants. The committee will consist of three to four residents of Sorrento that will evaluate recreation and make recommendations to the council.

A liquor license was approved for Sorrento Lions Club member Rey Prado for the Boucherie Festival that is scheduled to make its return on Oct. 21-23. A contract for the festival has not yet been finalized.