Sorrento council meetings set for once a month

Brandie Richardson @B_lifestyles

During the June 7 council meeting, Mayor Mike Lambert discussed the cat overpopulation issue along the Robert St. area. He said that animal control has been notified numerous times and requires the town to capture the cats and transport them.

"The problem is that they want us to release those traps and we have no body certified in animal control to set these traps for these animals or transport them," Lambert said. "I understand the problem, but I see a big liability of the town, especially with animals these days, of setting up traps for animals and transporting them to the animal control center."

The contract with animal control will be reviewed again and discussed at the next meeting.

The police report for the month of April was given. During the month there was 14 vehicle accidents, five deaths and two burglaries and narcotic calls, totaling to 127 service calls. There was also 43 traffic citations, six adult arrests and two loud music complaints.

Two ordinances were passed, one increasing the salary for the Town Clerk and another changing the council meetings from two a month to one. The meetings will be the first Tuesday of the month, effective July 1.

The council selected theWeekly Citizen as the official journal for the Town of Sorrento.