Berthelot seeks to raise awareness in light of loss

Staff Report
L to R: Kevin Piper, Amie Neal, State Representative Johnny Berthelot, Cathy Stanley, Brent Stanley and Lindsey DeRoche

State Rep. Johnny Berthelot authored HCR 24, on behalf of St. Amant resident Cathy Stanley, who lost her son Jordon Soileau to huffing. Stanley along with friends and family attended, in the House Chamber, a reading of HCR 24 which urges the Office of Behavioral Health to raise awareness of addictive disorders involving abuse of inhalants.

People know about heroin, they know about OxyContin, they know about cocaine,” Stanley said. “But we need to pay attention and learn about the things that are right under our noses.”

Sudden Sniffing Death Syndrome is associated with cardiac arrest and asphyxiation. The brain is temporarily deprived of oxygen, often causing the user to pass out. Huffing can also damage the kidneys, liver, bone marrow and other organs, according to the National Inhalant Prevention Coalition.