Ascension Fund recognizes grant used for meditation

Staff Report
L to R: Ascension Fund Board Member Amy Hathorn Lambert, Ciara Graham, Katie McCormick, Shannon Fields, LCSW, and Malana Mayers. Back row, left to right: Dirk Glover, Vernee Vallo, Austin Milan, Layne Achord, Leslie Clark, Gorgeous Jacobs and LaDerika Bennett.

     The Ascension Fund would like to recognize Shannon Fields, LCSW at APPLe Digital Academy for her innovative project, Mindful Students. Fields teaches students techniques in mindfulness and mediation to decrease external stressors so they can increase their focus and ability to concentrate on at-hand tasks during class. Students involved in this project reported that these 20 minute sessions left them calm and ready to work on their school work. This grant was made possible by the Ascension Health and Nutrition Alliance Endowment.