Ascension Parish Government revolutionizes public access to mapping features

Staff Report
Shown is a screen shot from Ascension Parish Government’s website showing a new mapping application where the public can search parish maps and governmental services easily and effectively.

Ascension Parish President Kenny Matassa has announced that Parish Government is ready to release an innovative tool allowing the public to search parish maps and governmental services easily and effectively.

     “From realtors and engineers to citizens looking for their school or fire district, this mapping application provides an amazing variety of useful and in depth information at the user’s fingertips,” Matassa said.

The mapping application, which can be found at provides several searchable maps containing the following information:

  • A general map showcasing layered data covering the whole parish, including an aerial image, and state and parish roads.
  • A government services map, offering searchable data to locate the nearest law enforcement agency, medical facility, fire station, public and private schools, parks and recreation, libraries, and post offices. Also searchable are the nearest garbage services, boat launches, churches, and historical sites.
  • A district map, offering searchable data not only for elected officials, but also school districts, fire districts, zoning districts, levee districts, drainage districts, and lighting districts.
  • Maps offering flood zones and elevations.  
  • Maps offering property assessment data and Department of Transportation traffic data.

     “Our technology department worked diligently to provide the public with quality data and an easy-to-use format. I am very pleased that Parish Government can offer this tool to increase access to information and to empower our citizenry for their learning and planning needs,” said President Matassa.