City council appoints interim council seat

Brandie Richardson @B_Lifestyles
Gonzales City Council

     The first regular council meeting of the New Year proved to be a hot one, as heated discussions arouse between council members regarding the Pro Tempore position and the replacement council seat for Division A left open by Kenny Matassa. 

     Councilman Neal Bourque nominated David Guitreau as the interim replacement for the vacant Division A council seat. In a opposition against the recommendation, Councilman Terance Irvin said he opposed the nomination because he thought the council should create a sub-committee to meet with candidates in an interview type process. He also said that nominee Guitreau had previously served on council and felt that other residents should get a chance to be on the council as well. 

Irvin's motion was denied and Guitreau was appointed to the vacant seat, which will serve until Dec. 31. 

     Bourque nominated Councilman Kirk Boudreaux for the Pro Tempore position. However, Irvin opposed the recommendation and nominated himself. Mayor Barney Arceneaux addressed the council saying that the position is not anything that will bring “a bunch of stars and banner,” but Irvin stated that the position is about respect. 

     Councilman Boudreaux was appointed Pro Tempore. 

     The council discussed the council committees and commission appointments, in which newly elected Councilman Guitreau will reside on the Drainage Commission and the Engineering Review and Insurance Review Committees.  

     The council voted to approve the request of the Gonzales Trace Subdivision and to declare the following vehicles to surplus, a 2006 Crown Victoria, 2007 Expedition and seven 2008 Crown Victorias. 

     The request from Dempsey Pendarvis to annex portions of Tract F and G on the west side of S. Burnside, along Bayou Boyle, into the City of Gonzales was tabled to the Jan. 25 meeting because an updated certification from the Assessor is needed to continue. 

     City Engineer Jackie Baumann gave the Engineering and Public Works report. Bauman said the trash pickup work order volume is high and asked residents be patient. An update on the roads was given, in which she said that the final plans for La. 44 pavement preservation were submitted to DOTD on Dec. 23, the construction contract began on Orice Roth and E. Worthy and the DOTD Join Plan Review meeting will be held on the first week of February regarding Cornerview. 

     Baumann also stated that the fence installation is almost complete at the dog park. Once it is completely finished, the benches will be put in place.