Cointment concedes, encourages supporters to back Matassa

Leslie D. Rose @Editor_Citizen @DvilleNewsie
Parish President-elect Rep. Kenny Matassa shakes hands with Rep. Clint Cointment, after the latter conceded the Parish President election, Nov. 24.

GONZALES – In a brief meeing on a brisk November day, Rep. Clint Cointment shook hands with Parish President-elect, Rep. Kenny Matassa.

Up until the morning of Nov. 24, it appeared that Cointment would request a recount of votes, as Matassa bested him by only 117 votes. However on Tuesday, just a few hours before the two men met at the steps of the new Ascension Parish Governmental Complex, Cointment officially conceded the election.

The men spoke privately before proceeding to the steps for a  media greeting, where Cointment said he told Matassa that he is available to assist the incoming Parish President, if needed.

“I offered my assistance to him – if he needs it, wants it – it’s there, all of my support is there,” Cointment said. “I’m asking my supporters to get on board and help him, get him started – and anything he needs, he can always call on me.”

Cointment continued that the meeting was not only about unity, but also healing.

“We all need to come together – we all need to make sure that we live in a great parish,” Cointment said.

To that, Matassa gave his assurance that he holds no secret agenda in how he plans to govern Ascension Parish.

“I have no special agendas, other than moving this parish forward,” Matassa said. 

     In other Parish elections, Rep. Aaron Lawler won the District 7 seat on the Ascension Parish Council over Rep. “Mac Rooster Lips” Edmonston. BESE District 6 seat goes to Rep. Kathy Edmonston taking the race from Rep. Jason Engen by 14 percent of the vote.

     In state elections, Dem. John Bel Edwards is slated to become Louisiana’s next governor, after claiming the run-ff race from Rep. David Vitter.

     Rep. Jeff Landry will assume the position of Attorney General after the run-off election results favored him over incumbent, Rep. Buddy Caldwell.

     Rep. Billy Nungesser took ten percent more of the vote over Dem. Melvin Kip Holden for the seat of Lieutenat Gov.