Old sewer line inspection to be completed this month

Brandie Richardson @B_Lifestyles

     GONZALES – All council members were present at the regular meeting of the mayor and councilmen on Nov. 9.

     Newly elected parish councilman John Cagnolatti spoke during guest presentations, thanking everyone who voted for him during the election.

     Minutes from the Oct. 26 City Council meeting were approved, as well as the minutes from the Nov. 2 Zoning and Planning Commission meetings.

     Gonzales city engineer Jackie Baumann gave the engineering report, noting that the city’s DEQ loan application was approved for $15 million. The projects listed under the loan includes the rehabilitation of old sewer lines and treatment plant upgrades. The final inspection of the old sewer lines is expected to be done this month, despite the official contract's completion date of Jan. 2016. Conway and Edenborne Regional lift stations received their final plans Oct. 29. The next step in the process is to receive DEQ and DHH permits, which a bid is expected in late Jan. if all permits are acquired.

     In the Public Works report, director Alvin Broussard said that paving of the sidewalks in the dog park has begun, as well as the start of the Christmas tree lights. He also said  that the contractor had started patching the three crossings in need of repair with asphalt at the north end of Darla Ave.