GPD reminds all: Seatbelt Safety - Click It or Ticket!

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

     GONZALES – The City of Gonzales Police Department has received a grant through the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission. This grant affords the department to step up the enforcement of seatbelt checks including checkpoints within the city limits throughout November as well as others throughout the year.

     With the beginning of the holiday season, the traffic will be heavier at peak times of the day. It is important to have everyone in the vehicle properly buckled up at all times. Not wearing a seatbelt at night is especially dangerous, when the risk of being involved in a crash triples.

     In efforts to attribute to an increase of the 2012 record of 86 percent of drivers and passengers that used their seatbelts, and to help save lives, the City of Gonzales Police Department will be increasing high visibility seatbelt enforcement efforts around the clock. 

     Motorists are urged to fasten their seatbelts for each and every trip; and encourage your loved ones to always buckle up to. You could save them the cost of a ticket, and even their life. The City of Gonzales Police Department wants everyone to be able to enjoy a healthy and happy holiday season, so buckle up and urge others to do the same.