Letter to the editor

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

Just recently, October 6, 2015, my cousin, Terri Borskey Hill, 56, died as a result of a traffic accident that I think could have been prevented. She was not a stranger to the roads in this area, La. 621 and George Rouyea Road, since she worked for the Council on Aging and visited folks in this area. She simply got confused about the intersection at George Rouyea and Black Bayou. DOTD installed two signs on both sides which read Dangerous Intersection and then the Stop sign. She must have been confused momentarily and thought it to be a 4-way stop, because she stopped and then turned right onto Black Bayou in front of a 2001 van. The lady and her three children were not seriously injured, thank God.

As far back as Gov. Blanco's term in office, I have been trying to get these dangerous intersections changed to 4-way stops. If each person has to stop, folks will not be hit at 45-55 miles per hour! So the damage will not be as great. I live on the corner of La. 621 and George Rouyea. I witnessed so many wrecks on this corner and I asked the person involved why did they not stop? The answer was “I though it was a 4-way stop” as it is down the road at Roddy and La. 621. Back then Rep. Mert Smiley tried his best to have it become a 4-way stop, to no avail. He was told “There was no money.” he offed to buy the signs himself. Then the answer became the study from counting cars (traffic) did not warrant a 4-way stop! Come on DOTD. Its not the amount of traffic, it’s the amount of wrecks!!

Now, Rep. Johnny Berthelot is in the driver’s seat, so to speak. I call him each time there is a wreck. DOTD tried the flashing red stop lights; that didnt work. Wrecks continued. Now at my corner, they installed three signs on each side of George Royeau, Through traffic does not stop, then the sign dangerous intersection and close to the highway stop equals a total of six signs instead of four signs reading 4-way stop. Cost has to be greater money-wise, and now a death on the very next intersection at Black Bayou.

Come on DOTD, how long will it take you to read the “handwriting on the walls?”

Why can't all intersections in this parish be 4-way stops?

If you agree with me call DOTD! Rep. Johnny Berthelot is doing all he can, but his hands are tied. We need help!


Betty Singletary Bourque,