Parade entries needed, Rules released

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

   The 2015 Veterans Parade is dedicated to all veterans past and present. Parade entries should represent the patriotic theme and all decorations should be done with the dignity and respect our Veterans and the U.S. Flag have earned. The Parade Committee reserves the right to reject any entry that is deemed not in good taste, inappropriate or not in the best interests of the event. All participants are responsible to ensure that the design and operation of their entry is safe and reliable. Your completed, signed and submitted     

     Application Form is your acceptance of, on behalf of your entry and all your entry’s participants, all AVA Veterans Parade Rules and Regulations.

The parade line-up will take place from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the Gonzales Civic Center and Irma Blvd. The parade will begin promptly at 2 p.m.

     Individuals interested in particpating in the parade should contact Collette Lambert at (225) 715-7045 or 


1. No political candidacy signs allowed, including, but not limited to “vote for”, “elect” or “support” signs. Elected officials and political candidates are permitted to participate. Current government officials may be identified.

2. No one is allowed to get on or off of a float once the parade has begun. 

3. The Veterans Parade is a forward-motion parade. No backward motion is allowed during the event. A brief stop for dance routines and band maneuvers is acceptable. 

4. All units- floats, bands, cars, etc. should keep pace with the unit in front of them and

should leave an appropriate interval between themselves and the next unit. We suggest three-four car lengths. Please do not allow a gap greater than four car lengths. 

5. All vehicles are required to proceed to the very end of the parade route (Gonzales Civic

Center) for the safety of all participants. Please Do not stop and unload prior to the end of the parade. 

6. All vehicles must be operated by a licensed driver over the age of 18 and must provide documented proof of liability insurance.

7. A responsible adult must accompany children riding on a float, trailer, or vehicle, at all times.

8. Animals will not be allowed with the exception of organized equestrian groups. Participants responsible for clean-up after animals before, during and after the parade.

9. All parade participants are required to conduct themselves in such a manner that will not infringe on the rights of businesses and people living in and along the parade route. Please be respectful of their property.

10. Floats and vehicle decoration have to be patriotic themes. The parade committee suggests also using throws that are red, white and blue.

11. Display of the U.S. Flag as a decoration is permitted if done in accordance with the Flag Code.

12. No public address system(s) shall be permitted.Vehicles and floats can use amplified sound systems for music.

12. Recognition of commercial sponsors of your entry is acceptable, provided that it is done tastefully and the commercial message does not dominate the entry.