Early Intervention Program Helping At-Risk Youth

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

Marty Maley, an Assistant District Attorney with the 18th Judicial District, was the Rotary Club of Gonzales’ guest speaker at its Sept. 15 meeting.  Mr. Maley spoke about the early intervention program he established in his current role.

Maley said the early intervention program was conceived in the 16th Judicial District and has now been adopted by 13 judicial districts in Louisiana in one form or another.  

The early intervention program “is an opportunity to mold children headed in the wrong direction before it’s too late.  Children are looking for guidance, and in the absence of appropriate guidance, they will find it from people such as drug dealers or gang members,” he said.

“Over the many years that I have administered the program, we have saved thousands of children through this program, and who knows how many potential victims of crime,” he said.

The early intervention program works by partnering with the school systems to identify youth who may be headed down the wrong path.  The DA’s office assigns these children to a case worker who, then, works with the child, his or her parents, teachers and others to determine and implement a plan of action.

Maley said he believes that the program should be instituted throughout the entire state because it has been so effective.

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