Animal Ordinance revisited, leak issue may soon be solved

Brandie Richardson

SORRENTO – Present during the Sept. 15, town meeting was councilmen Patti Poche, Marvin Martin, Wanda Bourgeois, Donald Schexnaydre, Randy Anny, and Mayor Mike Lambert.

     Starting the meeting was the approval of Sept. 1, minutes, followed by public comments regarding the animal ordinance. One resident spoke out, wanting answers when the ordinance will be passed and if the Sheriff’s office will be able to enforce the ordinance once it passes.

     Sheriff Mayeaux requested the council, via email, for more time on reviewing the revised animal ordinance, which resulted in the council tabling the vote until the next meeting. Councilmen Randy Anny suggested that a letter be sent to the Sheriff’s office asking for an expedited response on the issue.

     No action was taken in regards to Troy Schexnaydre logging bond, as the paperwork was not prepared for the meeting.

     In regards to the pressure washing of the town hall, Mayor Lambert noted that he only received one quote, which was from Terry McConnell's Pressure Washing for $1,200. The pressure washing will include the town hall, the side and front of the old fire house department building, and the parking lot. The council voted to approve Terry McConnell's quote. The painting of the town hall will be done by the town.

     Additionally, the council voted to accept a $6,496 bid from Sign Express to add more signs and banners to the town. Mayor Lambert noted that every year Sorrento is awarded around $9,000 from Act 14 money that is dedicated to tourism and promotion.

     The purchase of a new floor cleaner for the Sorrento Community Center was approved, costing $1,994.89.

     The ongoing leak at Braud and Gail St. was discussed, with the leak presumed to be from the water line, not the gas or sewer line. Mayor Lambert said the water company is planning on visiting the site to dig up the water line again, to identify where the source of the issue is coming from.

    Due to Election Day, the Nov. 3 meeting was rescheduled to Nov. 17.