Administrative staff training focuses on professionalism and communication

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

Gonzales – Recently the 23rd JDA held a special training for all secretarial and administrative staff at the Clarion Inn and Conference Center.

Speakers were on-hand to discuss not only their roles, but expectations of all support staff within the organization as a whole, focusing on professionalism and communication as key to a solid and productive working environment.

The training was organized by Robin O’Bannon, Assistant District Attorney and Meg Spatz, a 23rd JDA support staff supervisor. Among the speakers were Billy Clark (Administrator and Chief Investigator), Don Candell (Assistant District Attorney – Chief of Appeals), Kenneth Dupaty – Senior Trial Assistant District Attorney – Section E and Special Prosecutions), Charlotte Guedry (23rd JDA Public Information Officer) and the Honorable Judge Jesse LeBlanc (23rd Judicial District Court Judge – Section D).

Billy Clark began the day’s topics by highlighting the importance of correct office procedures. A set of guidelines is not only in place, but also must be adhered to in order for caseloads to flow more smoothly.

Don Candell and Kenneth Dupaty updated the support staff on the law in terms of their responsibility on motions, recent decisions and the collation and updating of information, as to keep things current for Assistant District Attorneys.

Charlotte Guedry explained her role as the newly appointed Public information Officer, stressing that communication between staff, regardless of their level, is key to providing the pubic with accurate information.

Judge Jesse LeBlanc discussed workplace professionalism, highlighting the importance of personal presentation and interpersonal communication. Judge LeBlanc pointed out that by utilizing these tools, support staff can work cohesively while serving the public with the highest level of professionalism in such a high profile environment.

At the end of the session, staff supervisors Claire Falgout, Meg Spatz, Danae Brown and Kim Delaune took to the podium to answer any questions and add clarification to any points made by the speakers.

The 23rd JDA wishes to thank the Clarion Inn and Conference Center for their hospitality and in providing a buffet style lunch enjoyed by all attendees.

The 23rd JDA is diligent in providing ongoing training and will continue to do so as it moves forward.