Gonzales Fire Chief says vote to renew millage on ballot


Gonzales residents will vote on a City of Gonzales Proposition at the polls on March 28, one that is a tax renewal for services that have been rendered since 1986.

On the ballot, the proposition will read: “Shall the City of Gonzales, State of Louisiana (the ''City'') be authorized to renew the levy and collection of a tax of 3.27 mills on assessed valuation of all property subject to taxation in the City (an estimated $405,714.00 reasonably expected at this time to be collected from the levy of the tax for an entire year) (the ''Tax''), for a period of ten (10) years beginning with the year 2016 and ending with the year 2025, with the proceeds of the Tax (after paying the reasonable and necessary costs and expenses of collection and administering the Tax), to be dedicated and used for the purpose of paying the costs of constructing, maintaining, and operating fire department stations and equipment and providing for other matters in connection therewith?”

Tracy Normand, Fire Chief for City of Gonzales Fire Department said it provides services to the city that makes the Gonzales Fire Department “unique and is one of very few in the state that offers an Emergency Medical Service (EMS) with it, which is not an expense to our residents.”

“If an ambulance picks you up we don’t charge you as an individual,” Chief Normand said. “We charge your insurance company, you don’t pay.”

Normand said the fire department has been able to manage costs for many years. It created a full-time fire department in 2001, created another fire station – so there are two fire stations in the city – and it added an ambulance service.

“I love this community and would really like your support of the millage renewal because we do a good job with it,” Norman said.

“We help people; we help our community,” Norman said. “It’s not a new tax, it’s a renewal.”

At the March 23 Gonzales Mayor and Council meeting, Mayor Barney Arceneaux expressed his support of the renewal.

“Please vote for that renewal and we would appreciate everyone’s support on that,” he said.

Lower fire insurance rates for you.

The City of Gonzales Fire Department maintains a Class 2 fire rating, meaning lower insurance rates for you.

Provides a city ambulance service at no out of pocket expense to you.

No city resident receives a bill for City of Gonzales Fire Department Services.

Immediate response to your emergency needs.

Help ensure response times of less than five minutes to you and your family.

Helps provide a full-time Fire and EMS staff available for you and your family around the clock

Giving you a high level of trained, professional services at a moments notice.

Supports the “City Assisting People” program

A 911 dialer free of charge to city residents who have a medical condition and/or special needs and provides City of Gonzales Fire Department personnel with much needed lifesaving information.

What does the millage do for you?