Kick Butts event day set for March 28 in Gonzales


Face-to-Face Enrichment Center is hosting a Kick Butts Day event with a theme of, “Stand out, speak up, seize control” at the Gonzales Public Safety Center on Saturday, March 28, 2015 from 12 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The event is open to the community and will have Tiffany Dickerson of Baton Rouge as the Mistress of Ceremonies for this event.

The event will start out with the Senior Ambassador, Kayla Hughes, speaking about marketing and product placement and will finish out with Junior Ambassador, Asa Newell, speaking about tobacco facts and stats.

It will have guest speaker Vadel Shivers, Mary Bird Perkins, speak to the kids about the Dangers of Smoking and Tobacco. 

Following that defy youth will talk about how tobacco kills 1,300 Americans every day. They will engage the youth from Gonzales Middle School, and in the community to participate in speaking out on why they refuse to be a replacement American customer BIG TOBACCO loses every single day by telling everyone their opinions on why they refuse to a replacement. Prizes will be given to the youth whom wants to speak out and tell their story.

A station will be set up to promote the “I am not a replacement” selfie statement activity. Pictures will be taken and posted with Defy Coordinator, Kisha Ricks’ cell phone and posted on the Face-to-Face Enrichment Center’s Facebook page and also their individual pages.

Defy youth will talk about the Airing out Big Tobacco Dirty Laundry Activity and why they chose to use this particular quote from marketing companies. A station will also be setup to promote the airing out big tobacco’s dirty laundry activity. Pictures will be taken of all the laundry that has been aired and posted to Face to Face Enrichment Centers Facebook Page and website.