St. Amant High’s success through actions at the DECA State Conference

Written by Julian Guerrero
From left to right:
Top row: Kleaton Williams, Christian Nielsen, Trae Boudreaux, TJ Folks, Beau Hill
2nd row: DJ Ferguson, Tyler Fontenot, Ty Carter, Clint Beau, Josh Kling, Luke Babin, James Regina, Hunter Bertrand 
3rd row: Cassie Wassan, Kaitlyn Biri, Tess Robertson, Scottye Cassard, Harlie Rodrigue, Victoria Stewart, Tiffa Baker
4th row Jordan Hollier, Alicia Braud, Leslie Gamez, Kearra Moton, Cassie Melançon, Paige Wilson, Emily Cardwell, Samantha Gautreaux, Lillie Pastorick, Saray Gamez.

St. Amant High School departed for Louisiana’s Career Development DECA Conference on Feb. 22. DECA is a business and marketing club allowing its members to grow in leadership and meet people from all over the country. The Career Development Conference, CDC, was an incredible experience for all who were able to attend. The conference took place on the Marriot Hotel in Baton Rouge where the activities included competitions of various kinds from role-play to business scenarios.

This state conference was a tremendous success for St. Amant High, with a total of 18 winners. Throughout all categories the top 5 qualifiers for STA included: Clint Boe, TJ Folks, Ty Carter, Harlie Rodriquez, Sam Gautreau, Tiffany Barker, Tess Robertson, Trae’ Boudreaux, and Paige Wilson. Second place winners were Hunter Bertrand, Tyler Fontenot, Kaitlyn Biri, Josh Kling, and Ty Carter. Our third place winners included James Regina and Scottye Cassard. St. Amant had a first year member win first place, Kerra Moton, who showed great happiness at her success. St. Amant High student, Tyler Fontenot, was selected, interviewed, and voted on to be given an opportunity to win the $500 Dennis Volentine Scholarship. After a lunch interview Tyler came back incredibly happy with how it went. At the announcement he froze in anticipation. As he had hoped we are proud to say congratulations to Tyler Fontenot for winning the Dennis Volentine Scholarship.

At CDC there were multiple role play competitions but also written test events that many of St. Amant High’s students participated in. Hunter Bertrand, Tyler Fontenot, and Kaitlyn Biri entered in a written event on community service where they created a project on Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). In this event these three students talked about their fundraisers, how their associations worked, and what they could do to improve their current system. Coming up St. Amant will be hosting a 5K walk for Muscular Dystrophy Association. This year St. Amant High had two first time DECA members elected to the State Representative team; DJ Ferguson, who was elected as Louisiana’s Vice President, and Victoria Stewart, who was elected as Louisiana’s Southern Region Vice President.