Bourque sworn in as City Councilman


For the second time in two months a new councilman has been sworn in for the City of Gonzales Division E seat. Neal Bourque took the Oath of Office presented by Judge Alvin Turner, on Monday at City Hall to represent the City of Gonzales as a councilman.

In January David Guitreau was appointed to fill Gary Lacombe’s seat after a November resignation; until a March 28 special election date the only Bourque qualified with the registrar – making him the winner. 

“I consider it a privilege and honor to work with the mayor and council and all the other hardworking and dedicated people who work for the city as we continue to move the city forward, and do our best to obtain that,” Bourque said Monday after being sworn in. “I personally want to thank David (Guitreau) for stepping in and doing a great job.”

Mayor Barney Arceneaux, Councilman Kenny Matassa and Judge Alvin Turner all thanked Guitreau as well on Monday for stepping in for the City of Gonzales.

“We appreciate all you did for coming in on short notice and helping us out,” Mayor Arceneaux said to Guitreau.

Matassa added, “We appreciate you being a good citizen of the City of Gonzales and stepping up and forward with helping us in a time of need. We appreciate everything you did.”

Guitreau took a few moments to speak before departing from his short-lived seat on the council. He reminded the people of the recall the ignited the two vacancies on the council. Then he thanked the mayor and council “for allowing me to work with them.”

“We passed a new city budget and solved some rezoning issues,” Guitreau said. “Also, we turned some funds for the police and fire departments budgets and also other miscellaneous items.”

Mayor Arceneaux added about Bourque: “We’re very happy to have Neal Bourque, a guy who comes from a wonderful family. Neal’s heart is in the right place and he wants to do some really good things with us in the City of Gonzales. We appreciate you coming out Neal.”

Gonzales Council Division C seat is currently occupied by Barbara Duhe’ until the March 28 election. Three candidates are vying for the seat: Derrick Coco, Willie Robinson and Harold Stewart.