Ryland Percy resigns as City Attorney; Lanoux takes over

Erin Lanoux was hired as the Gonzales City Attorney Monday night, after Ryland Percy resigned from the position.

Ryland Percy resigned his position as the Gonzales City Attorney Monday night after 25 years of service. Mayor Barney Arceneaux said Percy approached him about the resignation about two weeks ago, saying he felt it was just time to move on.

After the meeting Percy said, “It’s been a pleasure and honor to represent the city for the last 25 years.”

“But it’s time for young blood to get in and start doing the job,” Percy said.

To replace Percy, the council voted 3-1 to hire Erin Lanoux Wiley to serve as the City Attorney with, councilman Kirk Boudreaux abstaining his vote, and Councilman Terance Irvin voting nay.

“She’s very capable and I’m proud of the fact the city chose to select her,” Percy said after the meeting.

Lanoux said it’s an honor to serve the city as legal counsel.

“I love this city and have lived here most of my life, went to high school here,” Lanoux said. “I’m raising my family here and live here now. It’s nice to give back to the community and the city I live in. I have big shoes to fill and Ryland has promised to be a resource for me, and the city. I feel good about there being no change in the level of representation that the city will get.”

Before the council motioned and voted to accept the mayor’s recommendation to hire Lanoux, Irvin asked about the proper process and procedures on hiring the next City Attorney.

“I don’t want to replace (Percy’s) experience and the knowledge that he provides to the history of the City of Gonzales. But if he so chooses to resign, I would like offer the opportunity to other firms and allow opportunity to others to serve and provide their services to the City of Gonzales too,” Irvin said. “I have all the respect for his firm and all he has to offer, but at the same time I’ve been approached by many over the years that if there was ever an opportunity for a city attorney to resign, Mr. Carl Scott who works for the Attorney General. He also works on the Civil Service Board in Gonzales.”

Irvin said Attorney General Buddy Caldwell is in support of his senior attorney and associate attorneys, working in the municipalities.

“I just want to ask the council to offer the opportunity for others too. If Mr. Percy steps down, I would ask the entire firm be removed and let others have an opportunity,” Irvin said.

However, Mayor Arceneaux was sold on keeping the city’s legal counsel in the hands of the Percy, Lanoux, and Mumphrey Law Firm.

“Because of the experience and the work they’ve done over the years and especially with these lawsuits that we’ve had here recently, I just think we’re continuing with the firm,” Mayor Arceneaux said. “Mr. Percy still will be available, but Mrs. Lanoux will be sitting here representing us here at the table.”

Matassa motioned to hire Lanoux and said he feel the city will be in good hands continuing with the law firm. Councilman David Guitreau seconded the motion.