Harold Stewart an early candidate for Gonzales council division C seat


Harold Stewart says he has proven experience that qualifies him to be the next Gonzales City Councilman for Division C. He is a former member of Planning and Zoning commission for the city, past president of Pecan Grove Homeowners Association, and have been an owner operator of a small business in Gonzales for 30 years. He knows leadership. He knows politics.

But for the March 28 special election date that was opened after the resignation of councilman Gary Lacombe in November, Stewart said the number one reason he’s running is because of the “positive he could bring to the city.”

“I’ve been a public servant. I’m excellent at serving people, black and white,” Stewart said. “I have great communication skills and I think that’s the number one thing that’s going to take in moving this city forward. With the mayor and the other council, we have to talk and communicate on the inside. I want to be able to communicate. I have the skills, the talent, the intelligence and the common sense.”

Stewart, like most, spent the majority of 2014 looking and listening as the Gonzales leadership was aired in the news for dysfunction and embarrassment to the city. But, he joined efforts with other citizens and participated with the SaveGonzales recall group that led to the resignation of Lacombe, and the recall election of Tim Vessel in Division E.

Stewart knows about the budget issues the Gonzales mayor and council disagreed on in 2014. He knows about the zoning issues that led to landowners issuing lawsuits to the city. But Stewart said with his knowledge from working on planning and zoning he’ll be able to understand what is needed to move the city forward.

“I understand planning and zoning so that’ll make being a councilman a lot easier because I’ll be able to work with these guys. I understand their job,” Stewart said. “When it comes to budget, this is not a poor city. The key is managing the money and putting it all the right places to move the city forward and that’s our responsibility.”

Stewart said from the last few years and from working with the SaveGonzales group, his faith in God allows him to see there is a time and season for all things.

“Gonzales needs a person with the political intelligence and political common sense to get the job done,” Stewart said. “I have all of those abilities.”

“One of the most important things I learned about the city was I’ve always thought I lived in a great city, but after working with SaveGonzales I know I live in a great city. The people truly care here,” Stewart said. “They showed during the recall election."

Stewart added: “I’m looking forward to March 28. As politically educated as I am, I know this is a special election and I know there is a difference between this and a general election.”