Gonzales PD makes arrests thanks to social media

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

The release of the surveillance video still images obtained from the investigation into the theft of a money clip left behind by a patron of Pop N Go’s convenience store by the Gonzales Police Department has resulted in the identification a suspect.

Calls to the Department from the public caused investigators to begin researching Rashad Bridges. After checking Social Media Sites Investigators were able to locate a “Selfie” of the suspect wearing the same exact ensemble.

“This is another example of why we as a department enjoy the relationship we share with the community,” Gonzales Det. Steve Nethken said in a release. “The odds of investigators being able to locate this photograph, which directly resulted in today’s arrest of Rashad Bridges, would have been slim to none without a phone call giving investigators a name. As far as being able to locate a picture of the suspect wearing the same exact clothing in a ‘selfie’ as he wore on the day of the commission of the crime, let’s just contribute that to luck.”

When questioned by investigators, Bridges admitted to taking the money but claims that the subject in front of him had just left it behind just seconds before he took it.

Rashad Bridges, 5142 Galaxy Blvd, Darrow La., 29 years old, was charged on one count of felony theft in excess of $750. Bridges whom was already incarcerated on unrelated charges at Ascension Parish Prison was released back into their custody.