Delaney wins runoff for School Board District 1


After six candidates qualified for the Ascension School Board District 1 vacant seat in the Nov. 4 election, it was almost certain there would be a runoff. There was, and on Dec. 6 that runoff election was dominated by Robyn Penn Delaney (D), garnering almost 55 percent of the votes against opponent Jevella Williamson (D).

After Saturday’s runoff election, Delaney said it just feels awesome to be able to represent the West Bank on the school board.

“I just want to thank all of the voters for their confidence in me and I’m going to get out there and make sure all of these kids have an opportunity to receive a quality education,” Delaney said. “I’m going to do my best for the children.”

Delaney spent countless hours and resources campaigning, which majorly was her going to each door on the west side of Ascension Parish and talking to the residents whom she’d eventually be representing if elected.

In her campaign she said she work to conduct community meetings to listen to the concerns of the Students, Parents, Teachers, Support Staff and Administrators; expand early childhood programs; reduce student absenteeism; expand Arts and Enrichment Programs; continue to support high standards in the curriculum of students; make curriculum resources readily available for teachers; work to increase intervention in the classroom to reduce time students are pulled out of the classrooms and thus miss instruction; and expand on-site career readiness programs for students.

However in her door-to-door visits she was able to learn what the community wants in a leader.

“I learned the majority of the people in the district are concerned with the quality of education of the children,” Delaney said. “They want to know how can they help improve the system, and they are very concerned about the bullying. They want to make sure the kids have access to a quality education.”

“I told them my first order of business would be to set up meetings with the community leaders to make sure I see where they want me to go. Also, evaluate the present programs that are in place to see what exactly is out there and get ideas to see where we can go.”

Delaney said you can’t change anything unless you know where you are at present, so she’s going to do an evaluation and move forward with the people in the community, the central office, the administrators and the teachers.

Delaney added: “I want to thank God for the opportunity to be elected and to serve and thank the people for their vote of confidence.”