Gonzales PD gets seven new cars


The city of Gonzales Police Department purchased seven 2014 Dodge Chargers on Monday, Dec. 8 that will be outfitted to be used as patrol cars.

Much debate stemmed over recent months throughout the Gonzales city Council as to the necessity of the new units, however Chief of Police Sherman Jackson is elated that the department can now begin moving forward in terms of proper and functioning equipment.

“This has been a long time coming,” said Chief Jackson. “The next step is for us to have the cars fitted with the equipment we need to ensure our jobs are done to the best of our abilities.”

Work will begin on outfitting the cars immediately. All will need proper lighting systems, police radios and computers. Once this has been completed, the patrol cars will be striped to match the branding of the City of Gonzales Police Department.

“From beginning to end, we’re looking at about three to four weeks until we can get these new units on the road,” said Chief Jackson.

The new units will replace current ones that are either unfixable or ready for retirement. Those units will be stripped and sold off as surplus with that money returning to the City of Gonzales’ General Fund.