Gonzales Rotary Prevails at Spelling Bee; Veterans Park Official Speaks

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Gonzales Rotary Winners of Spelling Bee

It’s a word that comes from the Latin and means, a cord or sash of cloth worn around an ecclesiastical vestment or the habit of a religious.  The word is cincture, C-I-N-C-T-U-R-E, cincture. It was the winning word in the Rotary Club of North Ascension’s annual corporate spelling bee held on August 27th in the Cypress Room at Frank’s Restaurant in Prairieville. 

The Gonzales Rotary team represented by President, Tim Pujol, Rotarian, Rebecca Mouk, and Dr. Diane Kirby were the Grand Champions.  The Gonzales Rotary team beat out twelve other teams.

A bit of a battle ensued between runner-up Commerce Title and the Gonzales Rotary.  When Commerce Title missed “perspicacious,” the Gonzales Rotary team was given the word “poltroonery,” which it misspelled. It was the only word the team missed the entire night.  Commerce Title, however, was also unable to spell it correctly giving the Gonzales Rotary another great moment in the spotlight.  Congratulations, Tim, Rebecca, and Dr. Kirby.

Barnett-Whitney Speaker at August 26th Meeting

Tanya Barnett-Whitney was the guest speaker at the August 26th meeting of the Gonzales Rotary.  Whitney is a graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and with a Masters of Aeronautical Science in Operations and Safety She retired from the United States Army in 2010 as a Master Sergeant after serving for nearly 28 years.  She is the Chairman of the Ascension Veterans Memorial Park Committee and recently began a campaign to highlight the history of Ascension Parish residents who have answered the call to serve.

Whitney said her purpose in coming to speak to Rotarians, was to raise awareness of the Ascension Veterans Memorial Park which, although in existence for many years, is still relatively unknown.  Whitney gave a brief account of the park and its exhibits which honor veterans of most of the country’s past wars and operations.  She noted that commemorative bricks for those deceased veterans are available for purchase.  The bricks, which used to be laid on the walkway of the park were moved to the rear wall of the park’s amphitheater in order to prevent damage and wear due to weather, tree roots, and skate boarders.

Whitney gave an account of some of the needs of the park.  She said that the parish graciously provides enough funds to keep up with basic maintenance and landscape, but that  funds for any other needed repair, additions, or upkeep must be funded by the park committee.  A couple of pressing needs for the park are: repair of the sprinkler system and the installation of a water recollection system for the park’s fountain.

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