Ascension firefighters, law enforcement honors 9/11

STAFF REPORT @WeeklyCitizen
Walter “Pete” Cole with Ascension Funeral Home, presents 9/11 American Flag to Ascension Parish Fire Dist. #1 Chairman Chief James E. LeBlanc and Gonzales Fire Chief Tracey Normand.

 It was 13 years since terrorist hijacked several airplanes, flying two in the World Trade Centers in New York and one into the Pentagon and another in a field in Pennsylvania.

 It will also be the day where lives would change forever. The day children would lose their moms, dads, uncles, aunts and grandparents.

“Today we honor the victims, saying prayers for our brother firefighters and law enforcement personnel and thanking our Military for all they do,” St. Amant Fire Chief James LeBlanc said.

“Thirteen years ago today, lives not only changed for the American people, but for people across this world,” LeBlanc said. “We are honored to be able to join together with friends today and not only remember, but to pay respect to so many lives that changed across this world. We are very blessed in our Parish to live in a community so compassionate and caring. I urge everyone to take the time today to remember the sacrifices of so many who responded and the lost lives of so many victims.”

“Thank you Ascension Funeral Home, the Fire Departments of Ascension Parish, the Gonzales Police Department and the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office.”