St. Amant Fire Department names – “Firefighter of the Month”

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen
L to R: Chief Officer James E. LeBlanc, Robbie Villenurve, Sean Gilbert, Asst. Chief Josh Wingerter, Asst. Chief Shane Stuntz, Jake Blanchard & Bradley Norwood.

St. Amant – It takes a certain type of individual to be a volunteer firefighter. It takes someone committed to serving the community at a moment’s notice as well as spending numerous hours on fund raising, training, fire prevention, and all those other activities that volunteer fireman participate in, stated Chief Officer James E. LeBlanc.

Volunteer firefighters are willing to get out of bed in the middle of the night, willing to leave the family dinner table, and just about drop anything they are doing to respond to an emergency call.

 Our Volunteer Firefighters don’t do it for the pay or the glory, they do it because they enjoy it and they get satisfaction out of helping their neighbor and their community, stated St. Amant Chief Officer James E. LeBlanc. 

 Since 1999, the St. Amant Volunteer Fire Department has named a “Firefighter of the Month”, stated Chief officer James E. LeBlanc. The Firefighters of the Month are selected by the Chief Officers of the department. The monthly decision when appointing the award is based on the following: efforts above and beyond the call of duty; active participation and enthusiasm during emergency calls and training drills; and monthly attendance of fire & EMS calls and training drills.

Asst. Chief Josh Wingerter was named the May 2014 – ‘St. Amant Firefighter of the Month” and Asst. Chief Shane Stuntz was named the July 2014 – “St. Amant Firefighter of the Month” because of their loyalty, determination and compassion for their community, stated LeBlanc. Both Wingerter and Stuntz pay attention to details. They have an outstanding attitude and are always working to make our department better.