“GOTCHA” Gonzales Initiative

STAFF REPORT @WeeklyCitizen
Larry Coleman Jr.

The Gonzales Police Department is beginning The “GOTCHA” initiative to aid it the apprehension of individuals that have been able to elude officer’s attempts to arrest and apprehend these offenders. The Gonzales Police Department will begin to release names and charges of three subjects per month to solicit the aid of the community and public to provide information, which will result in the arrest of these wanted subjects. The Gotcha Initiative is being reserved for cases that have vexed officers, sometimes for over years, and have been identified by the department as habitual offenders by the sheer number of criminal charges awaiting prosecution on each listed subject. 

“Our previous communication of this type of information has been very productive in the past assisting us in bringing wanted subjects into custody with the assistance of the local community and public at large,” Det. Steve Nethken said. “We rely heavily on the community support that we receive to assist us in seeking justice for the victims of various crimes that we investigate.”

“The quote, ‘No man is an Island, entire of itself’ surely applies to law enforcement,” Nethken said. “Without the confidence of the community, which we receive and the support of the Public at large; a lot of these cases would go unsolved.”

The names of the subjects that being released to the public are known to someone that can assist us in the Gonzales PD’s efforts. Whether the relationship to the name provided in the GOTCHA initiative is employer, employee, former spouse, neighbor, or relative, the information that is provided is kept in confidence between the caller and the department and in no way will involve the caller in the case or cases that are pending against the subject whom they are calling about.

If anyone has information about any of the names that have been released by this department, help apprehend the subject by calling the Gonzales Warrants division at 225 647-9535.  GPD has also made arraignments with Crime Stoppers so that in the event of the caller not feeling comfortable with calling the department directly; then they may call 225 344-STOP and report the information to Crime Stoppers.

“Unlike many other programs we want the public to know how their efforts have helped us and therefore; we will release statics at the end of the following month of the number of arrest that we have been able to make, using the information, which you have provided,” Nethken said.

“We treasure the relationship we have with the public and our community,” Nethken said. “We also feel that this is a worth wild venture and look forward to its success in finally being able to bring these ‘Special cases’ before the courts.”

Larry Charles Coleman Jr.  45 years of age. LKA. 11230 Nash Road in Gonzales

Wanted in connection to 10 counts of bench warrants issued by the courts on various active cases including theft, trespassing, and resisting an officer. These crimes occurred between the dates of August 2006 thru July 2011. The last contact any officer has had with Coleman was in July of 2011, and all attempts to locate him since that time have been in vain.      

Latasha Renee Gayden 33 years of age. LKA. 680 Sharp Lane Baton Rouge

Wanted in connection with warrants issued for writing nine separate worthless checks totaling over $2200.00 between the time span of 2008 thru 2009. Last Contact with Gayden by this department was in June of 2009. All attempts to locate her since that time have failed.

Ahmed Miles 27 years of age. LKA. 7110 Tom Miles Gonzales, La.

Want on Six counts of active warrants for crimes committed between the dates of October 2011 thru June of 2014. Miles is wanted for crimes ranging from theft, battery, possession of CDS, resisting an officer, and traffic violations. Last contact of this department with Miles was in April of 2011. All attempts since that time to locate and apprehend Miles have been unsuccessful.