Lucas sisters give for Palm Sunday

Emily-Kate Lucas, 5, and sister Addison, 6, gives to a resident at the Chateau D’ville Rehabilitation Center in Donaldsonville on Palm Sunday.

Palm Sunday is known as the Sunday before Easter where Christians commemorate Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Different churches and entities celebrate the day differently, and some families too. For six-year-old Addison Lucas and her younger sister Emily-Kate, 5, they spend it at the Chateau D’ville Rehabilitation Center with their grandparents.

Although the Lucas sisters have only their granny there, the other residents appreciate their presence and adopt them as their own.

Addison said she likes being able to spend time with her granny at the center, while Emily-Kate added she also enjoys playing sewing games and putting together puzzles with her. Emily-Kate also said she likes playing with the kittens at the center as well.

The Lucas sisters use their own money that they earn at home doing chores to give homemade cookies, peppermints and even cigarettes for those who request to the residents. Their mother, Ashley Lucas, said to them it’s just another thing.

“The funny thing is I don’t think they actually realize because it’s what we’ve always done,” Ashley said. “It’s great though it teaches them to have the heart of giving.”