The Baton Rouge Community College, the Capital Area Corporation Recycling Council Host Geaux Green Day, a Sustainability and Community Electronics Recycling Event

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Gonzales Weekly Citizen

(BATON ROUGE — April 22, 2014) Baton Rouge Community College and the Capital Area Corporate Recycling Council invite Baton Rouge residents and students alike to participate in the 2014 “Geaux Green Day” Sustainability and Electronics Recycling Event.

"Geaux Green Day 2014 is an activity sponsored by the STEM Division and the Green Bears Club that brings together community organizations and student projects with the goal of providing an informal education event about sustainability. Participants of the sustainability trail will be able to calculate their footprint, visit exhibits, and make a volunteer pledge to the environment. There will be interactive exhibits from LaSPACE consortium, and School of the Coast and the Environment from LSU, the group Marsh Dogs, and Baton Rouge Recycling. In addition student projects will cover diverse areas as conservation, food, awareness of environmental issues affecting Louisiana, and green building construction tips (Construction Management Club.  Also, the Capital Area Corporate Recycling Council will be collecting electronics recyclables and we strongly encourage the Mid-City community to come and donate their old electronics,"  said Sandra Guzman, Associate Professor of Biology.

“Recycling Electronics is a big part of making our community sustainable. Discarded electronics are a growing problem but there is a great local solution and this event will help reach many students,” said Nancy Jo Craig, executive director for the CACRC.

The activity will take place at BRCC’s Mid-City Campus, located at 201 Community College Drive (between Government and Florida) between 10:00 am to 2:30 pm on Tuesday April 22. 2014.

Participants will not be required handle the electronics. Trained CACRC staff members will be on site to collect and load items from donors, and will also provide donation vouchers and certificates of destruction to ensure data security.

Recyclables include computer hardware and accessories, and laptops, to name a few. Appliances, copiers, televisions and furniture cannot be recycled through the CACRC. All donated equipment will be refurbished or recycled via the CACRC’s Responsible Recycling Practices (R2) Program.

For a complete list of items, go online to event is for individuals only. For more information about the event, call (225) 379-3577, or go online to

The Capital Area Corporate Recycling Council is a nonprofit organization committed to electronic scrap reduction by providing recycled computers and equipment to schools, nonprofits, and low-income families through the generous contributions of supporters, which include business, nonprofits, individuals, and federal agencies.

In implementing a rigorous material management strategy set by the international Responsible Recycling Practices program, the CACRC follows downstream and data material safely until the end of life product, and is the only R2 certified recycler in Louisiana.