Shedding the weight

left to right: Christine Henderson, Ranae White, Jennifer Duet, Lynette Gremillion, Melissa Bankhead, Rachel Gremillion, Karen Johnson, Melissa Moore, Jeri Gremillion and Soza Clinic owner Karen Sigur stand outside of the Prairieville location.

As nine women waited for the results of their weight loss challenge to come in at the Soza Clinic on Monday, they talked about the struggle and the commitment to finish.

The Soza Clinic in Prairieville hosted a 60-Day Slim Down Challenge that began on Jan. 6 and with a final weigh-in on March 6. The contest started with 30 participants and 21 finished.

Karen Sigur, owner of Soza Clinic, said it’s amazing to see the woman complete the program.

“It’s my passion because I’ve struggled with weight my whole life myself,” Sigur said. “This is the first thing I was able to do, and I did it quickly and I was able to keep it off and I’m at two years now and I just want to help others do the same.”

She has. The top ten women who completed the 60-day program lost a total of 194.6 pounds and trimmed 219.25 inches around the waist.

“To see these ladies really fight to accomplish this is a great feat,” Sigur said. “It makes me feel good to know I am making a difference.”

The top ten winners of the challenge were: first place winner, Jennifer Duet; second place, Lynette Gremillion; third place, Melissa Moore; fourth place, Rachel Gremillion; fifth place, Jeri Gremillion; sixth place, Karen Johnson; seventh place, Melissa Bankhead; eight place, Ranae White; ninth place, Christine Henderson; tenth place, Kayla Bruce.

First place winner, Jennifer Duet said the 60-days was hard at first but you get used to the lifestyle change.

“Everyday when you step on that scale and you’re a pound less or a half of a pound less you’re excited for the next day,” Duet said. “It helps you stick to the program more.”

Sigur took over the clinic in 2012 and it’s reaching its two-year anniversary of being open. Soza is owned and operated by doctors and headquartered in Philadelphia, Pa. It is a nationwide company and it teaches people simply to make healthy choices.

“We’re not just a weight-loss program,” Sigur said. “My goal isn’t just to get weight off of people, I actually want them to keep it off and maintain it. In doing that you have to teach people what is the correct way to eat.”

“It’s a lifestyle change, not just a 60-day challenge.”