Head of state

Pecan Grove Primary School Principal Marjorie Meyers is a 2014 finalist for Louisiana State Principal of the Year.

Pecan Grove Primary School Principal Marjorie Meyers is a finalist to be named State Principal of the Year for primary schools. She also is the first and only principal to serve at the school that opened doors six years ago. Yet, she sees not much excitement in her accomplishments. She’s just doing her job.

After being named Principal of the Year in Ascension Parish and then again at the Regional level, Meyers said all of the attention is kind of “awkward and uncomfortable.”

“It’s awkward because I’m just doing my job the best way that I think that I can,” Meyers said. “What’s good about it is we get to showcase what happens at the school because truly all that wonderful data, I didn’t do it, it’s the work of the students and I have a wonderful staff, the best staff in the parish, who get it done.”

Meyers said what she’s really happy about in being a finalist for 2014 Louisiana Principal of the Year is just being able to spotlight her staff and her students and what they do on a daily basis.

“That’s the good part about it,” Meyers said. “Anytime you can promote Ascension Parish it’s wonderful. In that I’m happy about it, but it’s just a little uncomfortable.”

After being named Regional Principal of the Year, Meyers submitted data and information about the school and leadership. The next step is to have someone from the state level shadow her around for a day in a surprise visit.

She said that too is going to be uncomfortable but she looks forward to sharing the school with anybody who wants to see. Meyers has helped failing school improve its performance scores a letter grade in each of the last three years from a “D” to currently a “B.”

Ascension Parish School Board Superintendent Dr. Patrice Pujol said Meyers is “well deserving of the prestigious recognition.”