Campanile takes off for Vietnam

STAFF REPORT @WeeklyCitizen

Ascension Parish resident Joel Campanile took off last Saturday for his first trip as an assistant tour guide at the Vietnam Battlefield.

Campanile, Owner of Premier Performance Marine in Prairievillle, served in the Vietnam War and also experienced the battlefield tour. After touring himself, he was asked to be a future tour guide.

The Vietnam Battlefield Tours was founded by a group of Vietnam Veterans who were dedicated to providing “reasonably priced, quality and professionally staffed” tours to the battlefields of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia for veterans, their family members, historians, educators, active duty military and those interested in visiting the battlefields of Southeast Asia.

According to the tour’s website, the tours not only cover the battlefields, but also Vietnam's historical sites where visitors can experience the Vietnamese culture and “enjoy the country's beauty.”

Campanile’s assignment this time includes a 15-day itinerary and is set to return on March 23.