ATC releases Mardi Gras alcohol stats

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Gonzales Weekly Citizen

Baton Rouge - The Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control is releasing the following statistics for underage sales of alcohol to minors by alcohol beverage retailers along Mardi Gras parade routes across the state.

-Baton Rouge/Spanish Town Parade: 15 checks, 7 sales = 47% sold

-Shreveport: 13 checks, 6 sales = 46% sold

-New Orleans: 83 checks, 29 sales = 35% sold

-Lafayette: 13 checks, 4 sales = 31% sold

-Houma: 10 checks, 3 sales = 30% sold

-Metairie: 37 checks, 10 sales = 27% sold

-Avoyelles parish: 9 checks, 2 sales = 22% sold

-Slidell: 14 checks, 3 sales = 21% sold

-Pointe Coupee parish (New Roads/Livonia): 18 checks, 3 sales = 17% sold

-Crowley: 15 checks, 2 sales = 13% sold

Each year ATC conducts a pro-active visit to businesses before the carnival season begins. Agents discuss what the laws are and what the businesses can do to help serve alcohol responsibly. Agents then look for minors in possession of alcohol before, during, and after the parades. Underage individuals are sent inside the businesses located along the parade routes to try and purchase alcohol. Most of the underage operatives are 17 years old or under and are not allowed to use fake ID's.

"ATC understands that alcohol is a major part of Mardi Gras; we just want to ensure that it is being sold and consumed responsibly. A safe season is a successful and happy one," said Commissioner Troy Hebert.

For more information, please contact:

Troy Hebert, Commissioner of Alcohol and Tobacco Control

(225) 925-7293 or