Three arrested in Red River Bank robbery last week

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

Chief Tony Bacala of the Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office reported that Bryan Golden, 30, turned himself into authorities late Friday evening after being the last of three suspects wanted for the Red River Bank robbery in Geismar that took place Wednesday, February 19.

Golden, 30, of 39293 Cornerview Road in Gonzales, was arrested and charged with armed robbery and armed robbery with a firearm. He is currently incarcerated at the Ascension Parish jail awaiting bond.

Chief Bacala indicated that after the robbery the vehicle that was used by the suspect was recovered on Coco Road, about two miles from the scene.  The vehicle, which had been abandoned, had been stolen a few days prior the robbery.  The owner of the vehicle had left it running in the driveway to “warm it up.”

Tracking dogs brought in from Elayn Hunt Correctional Center followed a trail from the abandoned vehicle, through a wooded area, to a parallel road, River Oaks.

As the investigation unfolded, information was uncovered that after the robbery occurred and the vehicle was abandoned, accomplices picked up the suspect on River Oaks Road and helped him elude capture.

Two men who are believed to have assisted Golden to flee the area where the vehicle was abandoned have been arrested in connection with the robbery. 

Cedric Emerson, 31, of 6345 Hwy 73, Geismar was arrested, February 20, and charged with resisting an officer, armed robbery, and armed robbery with a firearm.   He was also booked on outstanding bench warrants. 

Travis West, 32, of 11276 35695 River Oaks Road, Geismar was arrested, February 20 and charged with accessory after the fact for armed robbery.