AT&T contribution to RRAAM celebrates Black History Month

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

BATON ROUGE - AT&T announced a $2,000 donation to the River Road African American Museum in Donaldsonville, Louisiana. Recognizing the importance of continuing to educate and preserve the cultural heritage and legacy of people who live along the Mississippi River, AT&T’s donation helps the museum continue to move forward with restoration and expansion plans.

Situated along the southern part of the African-American Heritage Trail, the museum was founded by Kathe Hambrick in 1991. Hambrick has gathered a collection that combines everything from shackles and plantation tools to deeds from slave auctions. “The deep south, Louisiana in particular, was one of the world’s wealthiest economies in the 1800s. Our state’s economic and cultural history and the contributions of African Americans who lived and worked on the plantations along the Mississippi River are intertwined in America, so made sense that in order to accurately show and tell our state’s history to our children that we collect and assemble tactile and authentic pieces of African American life along the Mississippi River,” stated Hambrick. “AT&T’s donation is significant in our efforts to expand the museum complex in order to house additional historic items that add to our state and region’s rich history and diverse tourism success.”

Donaldsonville Mayor Leroy Sullivan stated that “education and immersion into Louisiana’s rich black history and culture is not only important to all Louisiana citizens, but is equally as important and powerful to our national celebration of Black History Month. The area where the museum is situated has immense historical significance as Donaldsonville elected our nation’s first African-American mayor, Pierre Caliste Landry, in 1868.” The museum’s collection includes several buildings: Central Agricultural Schoolhouse, the True Friend’s Benevolent Society Hall, and the African Plantation. Visitors will learn about the African and American influences on Louisiana architecture, agriculture, politics, music, folklore and cuisine.

AT&T is committed to the communities we serve while helping to preserve historic, cultural and social context of a region―an essential foundation for developing and building a sense of place.