'We got him' - Second bombing suspect captured

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Bombing suspects

Boston Police say a 19-year-old college student wanted in the Boston Marathon bombings is in custody after a manhunt that left the city virtually paralyzed and his older brother and accomplice dead. Boston Mayor Tom Menino posted a simple message to Twitter at about 8:50 p.m.: "We got him."

Gunfire had erupted Friday night amid the manhunt for the surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing, and police in armored vehicles and tactical gear rushed into the Watertown neighborhood in a possible break in the case.

The burst of activity came at the end of a tense day in and around Boston, and less than an hour after police announced that they were scaling back the hunt because they had come up empty-handed following an all-day search that sent thousands of SWAT team officers into the streets and paralyzed the metropolitan area.

Less than an hour after the hail of gunfire, a round of blasts could be heard, the Associated Press reports. A state police spokesman said only that the activity was related to the search for 19-year-old college student Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Boston Mayor Tom Menino told WBZ-TV the suspect was holed up in a boat parked in a backyard. Reporters were being kept away from the scene and a message left for Menino's spokeswoman wasn't immediately returned.

Watertown residents near Franklin Street told reporters they had ventured outside after the lockdown was lifted only to hear dozens of gunshots.

John Avakian, who owns a gas station at Mt. Auburn Street and Bigelow Avenue, said he was playing basketball with his son when they heard the gunfire.

"I heard shots fired and that's when my kid said 'It's time to go inside,'" Avakian said.

Jack Madanian lives off of Bigelow Avenue and said he had to get out after the lockdown.

"I got cabin fever a few hours ago," he said.

Madanian went to the Coolidge Deli to get cold cuts because he had nothing to eat in the house. Returning to his house, he heard 40 to 50 gunshots, he said.

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