Ask the Thomas Bros. sponsor kids for swimming lessons

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Gonzales Weekly Citizen
Ask the Thomas Brothers

This summer, Ask the Thomas Bros, as a brand, wanted to give back, so they got the random idea of sponsoring kids for swimming lessons.

They mostly do music/lifestyle types of things, so swimming lessons definitely came out of left field, but they believe it's something that has been placed on their hearts. They did their research and found out that 70 percent of black children do not know how to swim. That makes them three times more likely to drown.

A few years ago in north Louisiana, six black teens, all of them related, drowned in the Red River. Basically, one began to drown because he stumbled upon a sink hole, so another went to save the one drowning. The one trying to save the other began to drown as well, and so on and so forth. None of them knew how to swim.

To bring change, they've linked up with the Baton Rouge Dream Center and Crawfish Aquatics to teach at least 10 kids how to swim, with hopes to enhance their lives and possibly even save a life.

Through the sale of Ask the Thomas Bros merchandise and donations, their goal is to raise at least $2,500 for these children. All of the proceeds will be sown into this project to positively impact and change a child's life forever through the gift of swimming. "Buy a tank, save a life."